General Criminal Defense

We represent individuals in all phases of state and federal criminal proceedings from pre-indictment advocacy through trial. Our attorneys have represented clients charged with crimes ranging from unlicensed general vending to homicide and everything in between. We have represented numerous attorneys, physicians, psychologists and many others charged with crimes. Not only do we represent our clients in their criminal matter, but we also advise and guide them through additional inquires that frequently accompany criminal charges such as compliance or licensing issues for professionals, or university proceedings for students and others.

We are seasoned and dynamic trial attorneys, but we also understand that some matters are better settled outside the presence of a jury. Whenever possible we strive to keep our clients from being arrested or prosecuted through meticulous investigation and strenuous advocacy. If charges are filed, we consider all factors in determining how to advise our clients. Our credibility in negotiating with prosecutors comes from decades of experience in criminal law as former prosecutors ourselves. If a settlement that is in the best interest of our client cannot be reached, then we are always fully prepared to expertly defend our client at trial.